You Aren’t A Loser

Do you ever feel like a loser?

“Loser.” The very essence of this word is “lose,” the opposite of “win.” To be a “loser” is to never win, essentially.

When we’re feeling particularly down, I can sometimes get into the bad habit of saying “I’m a loser.”

No, it’s not healthy. Nothing will tear you down faster than this sort of thinking. However, I have also tried to get into the habit that if and when I say it, I add “I feel like I’m a loser.”

Catch the difference?

It didn’t used to be that way until I was challenged by the realization that in God’s eyes, we aren’t losers. If we are His beloved characters in this amazing story that He’s writing, (and we are), than we can’t be losers.

Maybe we’re lost. Maybe we’ve wandered far off the path. Maybe we have failed. Maybe we’ve lost hope and we’re wondering how we’re going to reach the finish line.

But we aren’t losers, because Christ has already won.

So accept that your feelings of self-loathing are just that – feelings. You are worth so, so much more than you might feel right now. You are worth so much that a perfect, holy God sent His perfect, holy Son to die for you, in the midst of your feelings.

Be of good cheer – you aren’t a loser. No matter why you feel like a loser, you aren’t.

Because in Christ, we’ve already won. We’re just running the race until we reach the finish line. And when we do, Christ will high five us and draw us into His arms, because He’s been cheering for us the entire time. To be very honest, He was with us in Spirit every step of the way. Every time we stumbled, every time we wanted to give up, He was there with us.

And in His eyes, we are winners.

So run the race. Pick yourself back up. Start on back down the trail. Ignore those feelings of worthlessness. Call them what they are – a lie – and turn your gaze to the finish line. No matter how far or near it is when we cross from this world to the next, run the race like a winner.

Because you are a winner.

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Tamara Rivers

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