Why I Started Writing “The Guardian Of Hope”

If anyone has bothered to look at the first few pages of The Guardian of Hope, you’ll probably notice that it says “To my sisters, for whom I began writing.” And it’s true – I had this idea for a story I wanted to share with my sisters. But did you know there’s a second reason that I kept writing?

I’ve always been a dreamer, day or night, and so I’ve had stories run non-stop in my head for years. Seriously! I’d lay in bed and just imagine whole scenarios and play entire episodes of adventures, and as I got older I eventually would walk right before I slept because I’d get so excited about all the stories!

However, I came across one idea that I desperately wanted to share with my sisters, because I thought they’d appreciate it. I thought they’d like to read this cool story about a girl that gets transported to another world that’s kind of like a step back in time, in a sort of “medieval” backdrop, with lots of magic and fantasy creatures, and an epic battle. I mean, that gets me worked up just thinking about the plot! So, on our old computer with Windows 1995 (yeah, I’m that old), I started typing out the scenarios I imagined.

And it was really, really awful. I think I saved some of my early writings on a floppy disk somewhere – one day I’ll have to pull it out and get a floppy disk-to-CD converter and see if I can’t salvage any of those original writings, because it was terrible. I had started writing sometime around the end of my 8th grade year that summer, and I mimicked the only writers I was aware of, so my grasp of the writing language was good for my age, but horrific in terms of the book industry.

I didn’t care. I was just so excited about the story that I kept writing. However, I also kept reading, and the more I wrote the more I became aware of just how lacking I was in terms of skills, and so I kept writing. And rewriting. And writing some more. And…well, you get the picture.

Regardless, it was my desire to share my ideas on a story with my sisters that led me to take a shot at writing. Nowadays, I love writing so much that I do it because I love it and I couldn’t care less. Yet it was my desire to share my story with my sisters that first prompted me.

But that’s not all….
The other reason I started writing? I couldn’t get over how much fun it was to type on the computer, and how awesome Lucida Blackletter looked on the screen! Yes, yes…I am a nerd. A little bit of a calligraphy nerd, to be honest. But just look at it! It’s so awesome!

And that was what prompted me to start writing out “The Guardian of Hope.” I wish I could say it was a little more romantic than it is, like traveling to a faraway country or backpacking in the mountains, but that is the honest truth.

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Tamara Rivers

Tamara Rivers

I’m the author of “The Guardian of Hope,” and hoping to publish many more books – I love to write!

7 thoughts on “Why I Started Writing “The Guardian Of Hope””

  1. And boy am I glad you DID keep writing! TT, you are so talented, and whatever the reasons you were inspired to write, you stick with it because you love it! And I love that about you. So keep at it, and keep dreaming up those scenarios….your imagination makes you a truly great writer 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah, yes I do have a book! It was published a few years ago – I have a hard time telling people about it, even though I really love to share stories with people. Amazon and Barnes & Noble both carry the book online. Thanks!

  2. Not sure who will read this comment but I know for sure Tamara will. Your book was an awesome read for anyone, Male or female, who love a trek down fantasy lane like the hobbit or many others like this so it is a definite must have…..Now Tamara,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You know what I’m going to ask dont you….LOL……Needing book no 2 real bad so get with it.

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