What If You Had 1 Minute To Live?

That’s it. No more. Not a second more. What would you do? That isn’t a lot of time for anything – maybe a text or email to your most beloved people in all of the world, and even then you’re rushing. A quick note with some final words and thoughts, and a prayer. That’s it.

What would you do if you had 1 hour to live?

That’s a little more. That’s probably enough to do a quick call to some people along with notes, and how God has impacted your life. Might even be able to do one or two personalized notes. A little longer prayer for those in your life.

How about 1 day?
That’s much easier to get a few more things done. You can call, email, and text everyone that has impacted you positively. You can leave lots of notes for your loved ones. You can even give some direction about your funeral, and write out the speech from you about how you first came to know Christ as your Savoir. A nice last meal. Heck, you can even be nice and let your job know that you won’t be in. A wonderful last prayer with your family.

How about 1 week?
One week left, what would you do? Work with your company to figure out what it is that you do there and how to take over your projects. What are your duties? Make lots of calls, and maybe even get to meet with several different family members and friends. You might even get a couple of last meals. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset a little more. Write a couple of long letters, noting the impact of God throughout your life.

1 month?
That’s enough time to help your company find your replacement and show them the rings. You could not only write notes, you might be able to finish up some of those hobbies and projects you’ve always wanted to do. Read that book. Spend some time in prayer and reading Scripture, preparing to meet the Creator. Tell lots of people about what Christ has done for you, and pray for them.

1 year?
That’s much easier to get those projects done. You can write that book. You can paint that canvas. You can write that song. Take that picture. You can invent that thing. At work, you can finish your projects strong and bring on someone to take your place with ease. You could volunteer at those organizations you’ve always had a heart for and just never bothered with. Maybe you could even give a couple of speeches. Perhaps take trip to somewhere you always wanted to go. Hike and climb and go places you’ve never been. You’ll get a last holiday with your family, and you can spend lots of time with your church. In fact, that gives you one year to work with your children and try to teach them a few things. You could read the entire Bible in a year, and maybe even give your testimony, sharing your faith with many others and praying for them.

5 years?
You could write multiple books. An entire series! Or why not create that music or photo album you’ve always wanted to? Paint and create all the things? Heck, while you’re at it, why not make sure that this job lines up with what you really want to do. I mean, you’ve only got 5 years – why not find a job that makes you light up for those last fight years? The kind that you’re eager to get up and go work at every morning, pouring your life into because it matters. That’s also enough time to enjoy getting into shape and eating healthy, even if just a little. There’s plenty of time to spend holidays and more with family and friends, enjoying each other’s company. You could invest in some time with your children, making sure you’re setting a good foundation for them. And not only can you read through the Bible, but you could do it several times, and dive a little deeper into the meaning of the Scripture! And just think about all the people that you could tell about how Christ has changed you and how God has done a work in your life, and pray for them.

10 years?
What would you do if you had 10 years to live? That’s an entire career! You could spend that time getting into your dream job, making a difference in the world. You could take pictures, create art, compose music, and write stories that impact and empower people. You could read books to grow your knowledge and imagination, visit shows and plays and speeches to bring wealth to your mind. There’s lots of time to be had enjoying the company of others and spreading the warmth of holidays. That’s enough time to make sure you’ve fully invested in your children’s lives, and you could probably invest in some children’s lives at orphanages or in foster homes, especially the older ones. You can volunteer in multiple areas in your church, building and encouraging them. And reading the Bible? Many times over. In fact, you’ll be able to do lots of Scripture memorization, and share that along with your testimony, which will just get better as you go. You could spend years visiting different parts of the world, or even locally if you can’t travel far, just to see a fraction of the beauty that God has created in this world. And all along, you could be writing notes, sending emails, making calls to tell all of the wonderful people in your life what they’ve done for you, and praying for them.


Why aren’t you living like that now?

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