We Are Moving

As I write these words, boxes are stacked all around me. They inhabit literally every space except a small pathway for one person to squeeze between them through each room and hallway. The few pictures and decorative pieces we had on the walls and on bookshelves are gone. The books are packed. Even the stuff that was under the bed is packed, or carefully wrapped and waiting to be packed.

I can no longer deny the truth any more – my husband and I are moving. In fact we are less than a week from move weekend.

All this to say, I am largely absent from social media, and I’m only writing blogs whenever I can squeeze time in-between packing boxes and making phone calls (and eating. My weight loss goal for the year will definitely not be reached at this rate!) There is a very, very strong likelihood that there will be no blog next week, but considering it’s the week of Thanksgiving, I’m not sure anyone will be surprised.

I’ll see you on the other side!

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Tamara Rivers

Tamara Rivers

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