The Guardian of Hope by Tamara Rivers

About The Guardian of Hope


The Guardian of Hope is a novel series that centers on a young American woman accidentally transported to an entirely new and different world, a world filled with magic, fantastical creatures, and an escalating war between good and evil that hinges on a prophecy that isn’t guaranteed to come true.

Book 1

The Guardian Of Hope Book 1 by Tamara RiversIn Book 1 of The Guardian of Hope, Lisa Sanders, a 17 year-old American, runs smack dab in the middle of a battle between an escaping prince and his guards against a captain and his soldiers riding freaky horses that actually breathe fire. In the mix up of battle, Lisa is transported with them from Earth back to their homeland, the planet Kana, and right into their war. The prince is none other than High Prince Dalor of Diloron – literally the highest ranking person in the Diloron Lands other than his father, the king – and he’s also thought by every person in Kana to be the Guardian of Hope mentioned in an ancient prophecy.

With no other choice but to journey with Prince Dalor and his few guards, Lisa travels with them through the Silver Forest, a beautiful and magical but deadly forest south of the Diloron Lands. Though foreign to Kana and the war, and a little out of shape for such rigorous adventuring, Lisa does her best to keep up with the prince and his guards, and slowly befriends them. However, danger lurks behind every tree, and Lisa begins to long for home, where life is normal and less scary and deadly.

Lisa also starts to crush on Prince Dalor – he is a really cute, really nice and brave prince – but she wonders if Kana’s really a good place for her to be. Will Lisa get the opportunity to return to Earth? And if she does, will she take it?

But more than that, will Lisa survive long enough to even be able to make that decision?

Unfortunately, Book 1 of The Guardian of Hope is no longer being published, as my publisher has gone out of business. I will be republishing! In the meantime, feel free to check out my post series Ariadna’s Star.

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