The Guardian of Hope Book 2 – Underway!

I am excited to announce that Book 2 of The Guardian of Hope series has officially been drafted and revised, and I’ve now sent it to my husband for an outsider’s review! In terms of the process, at this point I’ll wait for his feedback, then I’ll probably work on the final line of edits and send it on to the publisher. I am so excited!

Considering how long it took me to get to this point, this is really awesome. For as much as I love writing, I didn’t have a good process in place to keep at it consistently after Book 1 was published. I also never realized how my many different projects were taking up so much of my time (I have a couple of big writing projects going on at the same time, and many more ideas that are just waiting to be written).

There’s more to this, but I’ll discuss more in the future how I’ve turned this around, and suddenly done more work in a few months time when it was taking me years before. It’s pretty simple, but so helpful to me!

Thanks again for following, and for your support!

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