The Discipline Of Being Inquisitive

Do you ask questions of the people around you? I don’t. And I need to.

My Mom has developed this habit of asking “Why” whenever I make a statement that leaves any room for it. I don’t remember when exactly she started this, but I think it’s been at least a year. The first time she asked “Why,” it completely stopped me in my conversation. I remember stammering out some faint, not-quite-honest answer, mostly because I was so startled by the question that I said the first thing that came to mind (which is hardly ever the most honest answer).
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We Will Never Know The Full Story

We won’t. We will never truly know the full story.

Think of your favorite story. Did the protagonist know everything that was going on? Probably not. (And if they did, it wouldn’t have been under realistic terms.)

Job didn’t know the full story, and he was never told the full story either. (Not sure what I’m talking about? Click here for the full story.)

Sometimes we go through life and we find the answers to our questions. But sometimes we go through life and there remain questions unanswered. Some of them are casual questions, while others go much deeper. Why were they hurt? Why did I get sick? Why did they die?
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