How Your Schedule Shows Your Heart

I find that I don’t realize how much I value something until my time for it is taken away. And perhaps most of us are the same way. You often hear people say that you don’t know how much you treasure something until it’s gone, but I also think that our finite resource of time, and thus management of that resource, is a great indicator of what we value.

What do you do with your time?

What does your schedule look like on an average basis?
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Walk Into The Vulnerable

“How are you?”

A standard greeting among Americans, and one that we often say without expecting much. We hope to hear a “Good, and you?” and leave it at that. I’ve even heard people say “How’s it going?” as a greeting, not actually expecting a response!

While there is certainly nothing wrong with pleasantries, we are called to step past niceties as Christians. We must walk into the vulnerable and open ourselves up to the opportunities of raw honesty. It certainly doesn’t have to be every time we talk to someone, but why not? And, we probably should do it more than we do now.
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Intentionality: 3 Ways To Make Progress On Your Dream

How I Edited Book 2, Twice, In 5 Months (After Over 5 Years Of Editing)

I published the first book of my series The Guardian of Hope in early 2009. I then spent the next five years agonizing over the editing of Book 2. I got maybe a fourth of the way through.

Then I changed tactics. And from late April to the end of October, about five and a half months, I completed the remaining editing. And not just the first round of edits, but that includes going through Book 2 a second time. I got an entire round of second edits in that timeframe too. Book 2 is now waiting on feedback and a last round of edits before it gets send on to the publisher.

Now, for some people, this wouldn’t seem like a big deal. But you have to understand that I dislike editing. I love writing. Editing…not so much. I could do without it. Honestly, I’d rather let other people do all the editing, but I want my work to be good so I have to edit it myself.

Which explains why it had taken me five years to get through a fourth of Book 2. Part of it, granted, was life changes – I moved, got married and moved in with my husband, changed jobs a few times, and moved again. So granted, there was a lot going on.

Yet despite that, and despite my dislike of editing, I was dragging my feet. I felt like I could never find time to edit, let alone do much writing (although I did some on stories outside of The Guardian of Hope.)

So if finishing the first round of edits, and completing the second round of edits in five months doesn’t sound impressive, how about also writing 245,152 words in those five months, on top of the editing?
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