Your Life Is Not An Accident

Hey there! How’s your life going? How about just today? Right now?

Is it well? Not-so-well? Terrible?

No matter your answer, I can promise you that you are not an accident. And, I can promise you that your life isn’t an accident. Even if you’ve had a lot of junk in your life, your life itself is not an accident.
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You Are Not An Accident

Writers don’t accidentally stick extra characters into their story. It’s literally not possible to do that. Sure, they might decide later on that they didn’t need some characters, or maybe they meant to delete a character and forgot to do that. But a writer doesn’t look back and go, “Wait, I never wrote that.” I mean, I suppose you could find a situation where someone snuck in and entered a random character into a writer’s piece right before it went to print, but then we’re talking about someone other than the writer doing that anyway (and that’s kind of weird).
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