While I am an author and regular blogger, I’m also a freelancer. Here’s some of the services I offer just to give you an idea:

Editing Services
By “editing,” I don’t mean proofreading. This sort of editing is looking at concepts, character development, overall flow of a piece, and so on. Manuscripts and Blogs are ideal for this, the first for story editing, the second for flow of idea.

  • Manuscripts – $1/page (A page means 1 electronic document, single-spaced, no less than size 12 Times New Roman font)
  • Blogs – $5/each

Copywriting Services
I have many years of experience in copywriting, oftentimes with an SEO-focus. (SEO means Search Engine Optimization.) I offer Blogging with or without an SEO focus. All writing is $0.06 per word.

If you want something besides for a Blog, let me know!

Post Blogs on CMS
I’m happy to help you post your blogs (and even web pages in some cases) to your website’s CMS! (CMS stands for Content Management System, and this includes WordPress, Joomla, Drupel, etc.) It’s $5 per piece posted. Once it’s published and live, any future edits will require additional charges.

Need help with something? Contact me!

The Fine Details
As with anything, there are a few things you need to know:

  • I reserve the right to change anything on this page at any time, and make it effective immediately.
  • I accept work at my discretion, and I will decline pieces that are beyond my scope of ability and what I deem as not a fit.

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