Reflections on 2015

What a year.

I think that sums up just about everything for 2015: what a year.

I’ve had some amazing lows, and I’ve had some amazing highs.

I wasn’t sure how to do a reflection blog post, since part of the point of my blog posts is trying to share something that is helpful. That being said, sometimes our own stories shed light on what we couldn’t otherwise see, so here’s a bit of my thoughts on my 2015 experience.

Goals – They Work Even When You Don’t Meet Them
This was the first year that I really took to heart what many great leaders and teachers talk about, and put goals in writing with clear deadlines to meet. I planned out my goals, with due dates and tasks I needed to hit. Interestingly, the goals that I had a month to month deadline to hit I was much more passionate about, as compared to some goals that were simply a date deadline.

What’s even more fascinating? I only hit one goal to completion. But I feel amazing, because I accomplished so much more than I would have ever had I not had goals. That’s what’s so amazing about them! They pushed me to do better than I thought I could do. So while I only completed one goal, I came so close on so many others that I feel as if I succeeded. For my first year with real goals, I am very happy with my success and plan on doing it again.

2015 In Conclusion
I actually have a lot more I could say about this past year, but I’m not sure how to say it short enough for a blog post. I can say that I have seen God’s hand in my life, and the more I listen and look for Him, the more I am aware of what He’s doing. And it’s awesome.

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