Plunging Back Into Writing

I must second my husband’s comment, and say that I, too, hate colds. I’m not sure anyone likes to be sick, but I must admit that this last cold I’ve had is by far the worst one I’ve ever had simply because of its length. I was sick for almost four weeks! In fact, I’m still recovering from the recovery, if that makes any sense. (I have to wonder if it was indeed a cold, but since I’ve gotten better, I haven’t bothered to investigate.)

This being said, because of the length of this cold, and the extreme fatigue, I had to stop writing. And I don’t mean I cut back – I mean I actually stopped. Maybe for some of you this isn’t a big deal when you have to take a break from your dream, but it’s been driving me nuts!

Yet even worse?

I can’t seem to get back into the groove. Sitting down to write has suddenly become a chore, despite how much I want to write again. I’ve literally sat down to write and hours later had a few edits to background documents and doodles that constitute the extent of my futile efforts.

Thankfully, my husband encouraged me to keep trying to write, and I have not ceased to sit down to write, even when nothing has come of it. It’s gotten me back into the habit of getting up early, which I appreciate, and I was finally able to truly write the last couple of days, particularly this morning. It took his encouragement, getting the strength to walk again, and an odd analogy – I had to think of writing like swimming.

This analogy might not work for all of you, because I happen to have a particular dislike of getting wet. (I’m not kidding.) I think rain is beautiful and love to watch it. I don’t like to be in it. I don’t even like showers, but for everyone’s sake I do take them.

But I do like to swim. So I have this odd love-hate relationship with bodies of water, and I have to work up the courage and effort to get into the water. Once I’m in? I hate stopping. I just want to swim all day. However, as soon as I step out of the water, I typically don’t want to get back in.

When I likened my writing to swimming, all of a sudden it made sense. I was out of sorts. As much as I love writing, I’d been out of writing long enough that I had gotten addicted to “being dry.” So, I did as my husband encouraged, and kept “dipping my toes” into the water by not doing any editing (unless I was just reading past writings), but by focusing on just having fun writing.

Like any dream, there are aspects of being an author that I’m not a fan of, and editing is one of those. Given that my Book 2 has been one major editing process, it’s been difficult. I love the story, but I don’t like editing, and I’ve had to push myself to get it done. However, after getting sick, I felt so terrible about getting off schedule that I was trying to rush back into editing. Which doesn’t exactly make me jump out of bed with excitement.

It was like I kept taking the plunge to write (which was good) but then was trying to go back to doing strenuous, timed swims up and down the fast lane in the pool without first just getting in and having a few leisurely swims to remind myself of how much fun it really is (which is bad).

This blog post is another of those efforts to just have fun. And I am!

So if you’re struggling to get back into the groove of your dream (or to start it at all), plunge in, but then go have fun. Remind yourself why it’s your dream in the first place before you get back to the hard work of making your dream happen.

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