Walk Into The Vulnerable

“How are you?”

A standard greeting among Americans, and one that we often say without expecting much. We hope to hear a “Good, and you?” and leave it at that. I’ve even heard people say “How’s it going?” as a greeting, not actually expecting a response!

While there is certainly nothing wrong with pleasantries, we are called to step past niceties as Christians. We must walk into the vulnerable and open ourselves up to the opportunities of raw honesty. It certainly doesn’t have to be every time we talk to someone, but why not? And, we probably should do it more than we do now.
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You Aren’t A Loser

Do you ever feel like a loser?

“Loser.” The very essence of this word is “lose,” the opposite of “win.” To be a “loser” is to never win, essentially.

When we’re feeling particularly down, I can sometimes get into the bad habit of saying “I’m a loser.”

No, it’s not healthy. Nothing will tear you down faster than this sort of thinking. However, I have also tried to get into the habit that if and when I say it, I add “I feel like I’m a loser.”

Catch the difference?
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15 Steps On How To Be Encouraged When You’re At The Bottom

It doesn’t matter what your “bottom” is, it’s still the bottom.

Awful job. Job loss. Health problems. Financial stress. Medical issues. Marital difficulties. Relationship troubles. No relationships. Lost dreams. Lost loved ones.

No matter what your “bottom” is, it’s a terrible place to be. You find yourself asking those questions that keep you up at night and wake you in the morning, and they haunt your mind when you stare off.
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