Ariadna’s Star: Post 2

Mom and I are still cleaning up from last night’s baby delivery when Braxton knocks once on the door to our home and office before entering. He toys with one end of his mustache. “A royal messenger just arrived!”

Mom and I stare at Braxton and then glance at each other, Mom’s dark eyes no doubt as wide as my deep blue ones. With Inizion being one of the most remote villages in Amenyl, for a royal messenger to show up here meant it was an incredibly important message.

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Announcing a New Story Series!

Happy New Year!

It’s been a little while, I know. A lot has happened since I last posted a blog. The short and sweet announcement is: I’ve created a new story series called Ariadna’s Star that I’ll be publishing on my website weekly for free!

Cool? Cool.

See you next week!

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