Only God Is Invincible

(Despite How Much I Try To Be)
I am more and more reminded of the simple fact that I am not God. And, specifically, that I am not invincible.

I cannot be everything to all people. I cannot run without end, I cannot be strong at all times for every person. I cannot be the rock of endurance that I wish I could be for my husband, for my family, for my church, for anyone. Because no one can, except God.

God is our Strength, and I’ve realized that God designed us so that we couldn’t be invincible. We aren’t God, and He meant it to be like that. It’s a good thing. Which seems odd to say in a culture that praises independence, but God wants us and designed us to be dependent on Him. We are forever His children, and we aren’t meant to change from that position.

It is our reliance on Him when we are insufficient that exemplifies our faith and trust in Him. That’s the moment we most display Christ in us, because we finally admit that we are not enough, but He is, and we let Him work in us and through us.

How many more years before this truth sinks in, I’m not sure. But I will continually press towards less of me, and more of God, in all areas of my life.

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Tamara Rivers

Tamara Rivers

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