Look For The Small Moments

Somedays, you truly feel as if you have nothing to look forward to.

Somedays, there is nothing that you feel is worth rising from your bed for.

Somedays, it’s hard to even want to be awake. To acknowledge where you’re at. To face yet another day full of unfulfilled desires and dwindling dreams. Maybe your dreams are already gone.

Somedays, you feel as if you are alone.

Somedays seem hopeless.


When those somedays come upon you, determine in your heart that you will do what you can to continue walking on.

When those somedays come upon you, turn your tears into prayers.

When those somedays come upon you, know that there are others who have walked where you walk, and we love you as our own souls.

When those somedays come upon you, surround yourself with every bit of uplifting media you can.

When those somedays come upon you, and you don’t want to get out of bed, find the one thing to look forward to for that day:

  • A cup of coffee in the quiet of your Bible Study time.
  • A walk through a still meadow or forest.
  • A little time spent drawing or painting or writing.
  • Curling up in a couch to read a heartening book.

Find the small moments in your day-to-day life that will keep you going, moments to bring peace to your unsettled mind, and moments that remind you that even through this time, God is in control. Even in this despairing time, God is refining you in His perfect love, and He will bring you through better than you ever were before.

And then you will reach a day where you shine like the sun, the small moments have become grand moments, and “someday” will become “some day,” said with more joy and peace than you thought you could feel.

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Tamara Rivers

Tamara Rivers

I’m the author of “The Guardian of Hope,” and hoping to publish many more books – I love to write!

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