How Your Schedule Shows Your Heart

I find that I don’t realize how much I value something until my time for it is taken away. And perhaps most of us are the same way. You often hear people say that you don’t know how much you treasure something until it’s gone, but I also think that our finite resource of time, and thus management of that resource, is a great indicator of what we value.

What do you do with your time?

What does your schedule look like on an average basis?

I suspect that what you put your time into shows what you really care about. Now, before you freak out, please know that they aren’t all bad things! For example: Maybe you work at a job you don’t care for, but right now it’s a good option because it pays the bills. Should you be ashamed of the time you spend there? Absolutely not. Should you look for a better use of your time? Absolutely yes.

This balance of recognizing that we shouldn’t be ashamed of where we are in life but pressing on ahead is a tough one. It’s so easy to swing from a victimized perspective to reckless abandon of responsibilities, and neither are good.

Nonetheless, time spent is a great indicator of where your heart lies.

Are you spending your time where you want to?

Sacrificing the Small Things to Gain More
If you were to look at my schedule, you would see that I indeed value work – the commute alone takes me about an hour and a half or more a day, let alone my time at my job. You would also see that I value Bible study, writing, and meals – they are scheduled daily. I’ve even managed to fit in fitness time scattered throughout the week, and carved out a weekly time dedicated to Nathan as a “date night.”

But in the transition to my new position, I’ve had to give up some things and some time. It forced me to prioritize my tasks, and make the most of what time I had left. It’s also caused me to get creative to make room for those things that I really do value. Furthermore, it’s caused me to not linger or wander aimlessly – I don’t have time to do that if I want to get other things accomplished!

So when you look at your time schedule on a daily and or weekly basis, what do you see? What have you prioritized in your schedule? And where do you want to improve your schedule to reflect the intentional decision of doing things that matter?

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