How Will Your Story End?

Do you believe me when I say you have a story? Your life is your story, and you are the protagonist.

But have you thought about how your story will end?

When you get to the last page of your life, and the words “The End” are scrawled in ink, will you be proud of the ending? Will be proud of your life’s main character, and the actions he or she took, the things he or she did? What did that character accomplish that people reading this story will be excited about or pleased about?

If you’re having a difficult time thinking of the very end, how about even the end of a chapter of your life? What did that chapter look like? Did you like your protagonist? Did your protagonist do the best that he or she could in the environment they were in, and the resources they had? Is it a story that anyone would be proud of?

It’s a hard question I have asked myself often. When I reach “The End” of this life, what will my story look like? Will my story have a protagonist that people love and admire, or a protagonist that people only feel sorry for? Or even worse, they dislike?

Will my story show me marching on, strong, through the valleys of life and the hardships, or will it show me struggling through? Will my mistakes grow me, or will they shatter me?

What will my protagonist accomplish in her story? Will it be a story worth telling? Is it a story worth sharing?

It’s hard for me to express how deeply I feel this, and how much I want others to realize this as well. You have a story – your life is your story. You are the protagonist. So what are you going to do with your story, so that when you reach the end it’s a story worth telling?

Will you be hailed as a hero, or a villain? Will you defend the helpless, or persecute them? Will you use your talents and powers – because you have them – for good, or for evil?

How will your story end?

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