How Do You Tell Your Story?

When you think about your life, or when you are talking to someone, how does it sound? What sort of words do you use? How do you describe your current trajectory?

Is there hope in your words? Do you have hope in your mind?

I am more and more convinced that not believing that you can and will succeed is the most detrimental thing you can do to your own success. Besides for praying and seeking God’s guidance, if you don’t look forward with hope and determination, how will you make it?

When the hero faces a journey laden with mazes and monsters and more, it wouldn’t be much of a story if they made excuses about why they couldn’t complete the journey, would it? What if the hero just stayed at home? He or she wouldn’t be much of a hero then, would they?

But isn’t that exactly what we do to ourselves when we mentally decide that we won’t win?

We are the protagonists of our stories in God’s great story. Yet nothing is more of a hindrance to our quests than the enemy inside each of us, telling us to quit, because of the innumerable reasons that plague us. Do any of these sound like the naysayer in you?

  • You never had a chance anyway.
  • You can’t win because of [whatever your reasoning is].
  • No one wins anyway, so why will you?

Whatever your excuse is, whatever is holding you back and stopping you from excellence, imagine crushing it in your mind and imagine winning. Realize in your mind and heart that somehow, someway, you will succeed. This doesn’t mean you’ll be rash and rush ahead without wisdom and input or planning. This doesn’t mean that you’ll become blinded to the reality of what life is right now. But what life is right now doesn’t have to be what life is in a month. A year. Five years. Ten years! Imagine ahead to the day that you will win.

I don’t know what your great hurdle is right now, or what chapter of life you’re in. But I do know that with the Lord, all things are possible.

So change the story you’re telling to a story of hope. Stop imagining defeat, and start anticipating victory.

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Tamara Rivers

Tamara Rivers

I’m the author of “The Guardian of Hope,” and hoping to publish many more books – I love to write!

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