Plunging Back Into Writing

I must second my husband’s comment, and say that I, too, hate colds. I’m not sure anyone likes to be sick, but I must admit that this last cold I’ve had is by far the worst one I’ve ever had simply because of its length. I was sick for almost four weeks! In fact, I’m still recovering from the recovery, if that makes any sense. (I have to wonder if it was indeed a cold, but since I’ve gotten better, I haven’t bothered to investigate.)

This being said, because of the length of this cold, and the extreme fatigue, I had to stop writing. And I don’t mean I cut back – I mean I actually stopped. Maybe for some of you this isn’t a big deal when you have to take a break from your dream, but it’s been driving me nuts!

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The Hardest Part In Writing (And Life) – The Middle

I’m smack-dab in the middle of multiple books (The Guardian of Hope series is not all I work on). And it’s hard. Middles of books are hard. But of course, being in the middle of anything is hard.

If you’re not athletic, imagine starting an exercise routine. Initially? Super exciting. You’re pumped to do it, and you often notice drastic improvements quickly. The rate-of-return in exercise is massive at the start. Then a few weeks go by, and the drive is gone.

What happened?
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