(aka the post I’ve been avoiding writing for a while)

Some posts, I’m super excited to write. Some of them just get me fired up and so emotional I cry over them, hoping people can hear my heart through my blundering words.

Then there are posts that I dread writing, because they are hard for me and I can’t hardly ask anyone else to do what I struggle to do. Like my post about gratitude. I still make a face at that post on some days. But that’s kind of the point of encouraging each other, isn’t it? It’s not that any one of us has it all figured out. We just reveal what we’re each learning.

This one’s been bugging me since I started this website.
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Your Life Is Not An Accident

Hey there! How’s your life going? How about just today? Right now?

Is it Well? Not-so-well? Terrible?

No matter your answer, I can promise you that you are not an accident. And, I can promise you that your life isn’t an accident. Even if you’ve had a lot of junk in your life, your life itself is not an accident.
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You Are Not An Accident

Writers don’t accidentally stick extra characters into their story. It’s literally not possible to do that. Sure, they might decide later on that they didn’t need some characters, or maybe they meant to delete a character and forgot to do that. But a writer doesn’t look back and go, “Wait, I never wrote that.” I mean, I suppose you could find a situation where someone snuck in and entered a random character into a writer’s piece right before it went to print, but then we’re talking about someone other than the writer doing that anyway (and that’s kind of weird).
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Plunging Back Into Writing

I must second my husband’s comment, and say that I, too, hate colds. I’m not sure anyone likes to be sick, but I must admit that this last cold I’ve had is by far the worst one I’ve ever had simply because of its length. I was sick for almost four weeks! In fact, I’m still recovering from the recovery, if that makes any sense. (I have to wonder if it was indeed a cold, but since I’ve gotten better, I haven’t bothered to investigate.)

This being said, because of the length of this cold, and the extreme fatigue, I had to stop writing. And I don’t mean I cut back – I mean I actually stopped. Maybe for some of you this isn’t a big deal when you have to take a break from your dream, but it’s been driving me nuts!

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Gratitude: Combating The Disquiet, Prideful, And Ungrateful Spirit

How often do you complain? Monthly? Weekly? Even daily?

For me, it comes in waves, but I don’t know if I’ve gone one day without complaining about something. Some days I do much better, and then other days my husband very nicely lets me know that I’ve met my quota of complaining for the day by 8:00 in the morning. (He’s also the one that suggested I write about the subject of gratitude, if that tells you how terribly whiney I was one day.)

The hardest thing to do is to be grateful and give thanks when all you can think about is the bad. And sometimes I find that I begin to take for granted the basics of life, when so many others around the world want only for those basics. To combat it, the best thing I know of is actively inspiring your heart to be a heart of gratitude.

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