We Are Moving

As I write these words, boxes are stacked all around me. They inhabit literally every space except a small pathway for one person to squeeze between them through each room and hallway. The few pictures and decorative pieces we had on the walls and on bookshelves are gone. The books are packed. Even the stuff that was under the bed is packed, or carefully wrapped and waiting to be packed.

I can no longer deny the truth any more – my husband and I are moving. In fact we are less than a week from move weekend.
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My Heart Grieves For Your Grieving Heart

I don’t have children of my own, but I’ve had the honor, delight, and quite frankly eye-opening experience of working with the children’s ministry at my church over the past year. It has been an area that God has grown in my immensely, and a great joy.

That being said, the hardest part about that job is not herding the cats – I mean, children – or keeping them on the right discussion or getting them to share supplies. The hardest part in volunteering in kid’s church has been getting to know the children and to hear their grievances.

A pet that’s gone missing. A grandparent that is struggling with his or her health. No friends at school.

But the worst one I’ve had to deal with in my short time is the separation and divorce of parents, and its effect on the children.

Oh. My. Goodness. The pain.
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A Strength Of Peace

Have you ever been at your end physically?

Some of you may have a better grasp than even I do. But recently I had the lovely experience of an important event pending, and me being sick. And not just the sniffles and a cough – I was quite ill. Not the sickest I’ve ever been, but quite sick nonetheless.

But this event was important. Really important. And I really, really couldn’t miss it, nor did I want to. Oh my goodness, was it hard, though. I had to “bring it” all day long, giving it my absolute best, when I had nothing left.
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Walk Into The Vulnerable

“How are you?”

A standard greeting among Americans, and one that we often say without expecting much. We hope to hear a “Good, and you?” and leave it at that. I’ve even heard people say “How’s it going?” as a greeting, not actually expecting a response!

While there is certainly nothing wrong with pleasantries, we are called to step past niceties as Christians. We must walk into the vulnerable and open ourselves up to the opportunities of raw honesty. It certainly doesn’t have to be every time we talk to someone, but why not? And, we probably should do it more than we do now.
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