How Your Schedule Shows Your Heart

I find that I don’t realize how much I value something until my time for it is taken away. And perhaps most of us are the same way. You often hear people say that you don’t know how much you treasure something until it’s gone, but I also think that our finite resource of time, and thus management of that resource, is a great indicator of what we value.

What do you do with your time?

What does your schedule look like on an average basis?
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Reflections on 2015

What a year.

I think that sums up just about everything for 2015: what a year.

I’ve had some amazing lows, and I’ve had some amazing highs.

I wasn’t sure how to do a reflection blog post, since part of the point of my blog posts is trying to share something that is helpful. That being said, sometimes our own stories shed light on what we couldn’t otherwise see, so here’s a bit of my thoughts on my 2015 experience.
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