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Hi, I’m Tamara Rivers, author of The Guardian of Hope series, and the hopeful author of many more books to come. I love to write! Author of the Guardian of Hope

My goal in life is to help people realize that they have a story, to encourage people that they can change the plots of their stories, and to see the good in their stories – even through the difficult times. I also want to encourage people to share stories – positive, uplifting, and optimistic stories that point to God and show good, despite the hardships that come (and they will come). Live a good story, and have an adventure doing it! However, my ultimate goal in life is to glorify God.

If you’re really interested in knowing even more about me, here you go:

The back of the current edition of The Guardian of Hope Book 1 is a little (well, really) outdated. I’ve moved around a couple of times and got married – which would explain the delay between Book 1 and Book 2 (Sorry readers!). I married a fellow writer named Nathan Schaad, and thus went from Tamara Rivers to Tamara Schaad, so “Tamara Rivers” has become my pen name. I continue to work on The Guardian of Hope series as well as other writing pieces, including a series with my husband.

I’m an embarrassingly loud-laugher. Seriously, I’ve been told that people always know I’m in the room when I laugh, no matter how big the place. (Anyone need a loud audience member to encourage participation and laughter? Pick me!)

Though I have many foods I dislike, top one has to be cranberry sauce, which people always tell me is odd because I’m a November baby and I’m supposed to love stereotypical Thanksgiving meals because of that. I enjoy meat and cheese. And onions and cheese. And crackers and cheese. And pickles and cheese. And…well, I like cheese.

Although I try very hard to be all poised and knowledgeable and cool, I’m often very not cool. I’m not a quick thinker either, so if you ask me a question in person I might just stare at you for, like, a minute. Plus, I’m an introvert, so I might just escape while thinking about the answer to your question. On the other hand, I’m always wanting to help people by offering suggestions and trying to guide them, even when they don’t want and don’t ask for help.

I apparently have a good sense of smell, because I freak my husband out by telling him, “I think the rice is done” or whatever is cooking at the time, before the timer has gone off. I’m probably 90% right.

On the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, I’m an INFJ. After many tests on the DISC Assessment, I’m a strong “S” with “C” as the runner-up. I love personality and strength/weakness tests, as they always tell me so much about myself that I have trouble seeing.

I’ve suffered with a chronic daily migraine (sometimes called a transformed migraine, sometimes called a chronic daily headache) since January of 2012. Most days I can get by and just ignore it, but some days it’s really hard. There are currently no known cures, though I have to believe that there is a way to make the migraine stop.

I love to read (surprise!), and I like to pretend that I’m artistic and paint or do calligraphy. I like to knit, though I haven’t recently. I enjoy singing (not sure anyone else enjoys hearing me), and I play many instruments on a basic level. I can improvise easily, but I struggle to read piano music. When we can, my husband and I love to go bowling and watch movies (I love movie theater experiences). I love Pixar, good epic action movies (even if they don’t follow the books), and just about anything that’s heroic and “ends well.”

Above all else, I love the Lord, and will be forever grateful to His Son for saving me.

“And in Your book they were all written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.”
Psalm 139:16b

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