A New Chapter Begins

Today I begin a new journey….

Actually, I started this new journey weeks ago when I accepted a job offer and began the moving process. We have moved, and today is my first day at my new job.

I am anxious to start, because I want to do good work, and I’m excited for this amazing opportunity, and I’m thrilled to serve alongside this awesome company.

But more than anything, I feel that pondering sense of awe about what the future may hold. It’s that moment right before you ride a roller coaster, or perhaps drive for the first time, depending on your experience. What will this be like? How will it go?

New Chapters Can Begin By Design
Yet, for as much as I’m making a big deal about this, technically every day could be the start of a new chapter, if we let it. Sometimes new chapters are forced upon us in unpleasant scenarios, such as death, illness, accidents, unkindness, and more. But we can also choose to take on new chapters on our own. It can be by our design that we make great strides in our lives, altering the course of our plots towards excellence, success, fulfillment, and more.

Maybe you’re tired of feeling crummy from lack of exercise? Start a new chapter. Have a broken relationship? Start a new chapter (and to note, I don’t mean by getting rid of the person!) Hate your job? Start a new chapter. There’s no reason to wait for the New Year to turn the page to a new chapter.

Nothing dictates that you must stay in this chapter of your life except your own choices.

And please note that sometimes a “new chapter” may simply mean a new perspective and attitude about what is going on in your life. Sometimes we don’t choose our chapters. Sometimes God clearly orchestrates events in our lives. In those cases, your new chapter is how you act about the direction of your life. It’s okay to grieve, for example, but did it throw you into a sinking mire of despair? Start a new chapter – one of hope, and slowly climbing out of the pit.

You can do it. Turn that page. Start a new chapter. A better one. And begin the story that glorifies God.

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Tamara Rivers

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