Ariadna’s Star: Post 7

My entrancement with my improved night-vision dissipates when Astralux suddenly banks to the left to avoid a screeching blast of sand that pelts through the air. Pesokvglazu and Vladykar Lochan aren’t far behind. But at least this time, they don’t seem to be gaining on us. Or at least, not as quickly.

“I wish I had a saddle,” Astralux pants. “Holding you like this slows me down.”

I curl my arms around her pale blue-shimmering-tipped claws holding me, to help secure myself to her. Astralux’s brilliant white wings beat heavier as she climbs in the air. I look back in time to see Pesokvglazu inhaling.

“He’s…he’s…!” I still can’t get my words out.

Sand blasts out from Pesokvglazu’s mouth again, aimed at Astralux’s head. Continue reading Ariadna’s Star: Post 7

Ariadna’s Star: Post 6

What have I done?

I stare at the darkness below me as the wind blows past me so fast my eyes tear up. I can just barely make out the rapids, almost a thousand meters below me, by the starry night above and the waning crescent moon. My fear has rendered me speechless, and I simply stare at it in disbelief.

The growling roar from above alerts me that Pesokvglazu is coming. I turn my head and just make out the light bronze-colored dragon swoop over the side of the cliff from which I had jumped. Upon his back rides Vladykar Lochan, still charred on the left side of his face, still glaring at me as they fly towards me. Pesokvglazu is fast—I can see why he said it was futile to jump.

But what else was I supposed to do? Continue reading Ariadna’s Star: Post 6

Ariadna’s Star: Post 5

I can’t believe it. War has begun with Klevor attacking Amenyl, without any warning. And we, the people of Inizion, are their first victory.

Led by Vladykar Lochan who rides a dragon. A real, breathing, light-bronze scaled dragon named Pesokvglazu, who watches us intently with his bright copper irises that fill his angled eyes. Continue reading Ariadna’s Star: Post 5

Ariadna’s Star: Post 4

My eyes snap open as I wake, suddenly. I have no idea why, although somewhere in the back of my mind, I wonder if I had a nightmare. A quick glance around reveals I’m in my cot tucked in the corner of our one-room office and home. Privacy curtains made of bed sheets sewn together are drawn around all the cots, since they were the best extra beds we had in Inizion. The royal messenger and his bodyguards are fast asleep, recovering from the bandit attack. I look over to see Mom on her own cot, not far from mine, a couple of her gray-tinged black curls sticking out from underneath her blankets. She snores lightly. She only snores when she is exhausted.

All was well.

Despite the peace, I feel uneasy. Continue reading Ariadna’s Star: Post 4

Ariadna’s Star: Post 3

Just as the bandit’s stone-headed axe comes down at me, aimed for my head, a shield that glints with the Verlassen coat of arms, the gray howling wolf on the yellow and purple background, swings between me and the axe. The stone axe chips against the polished steel of the shield with a grating metallic ring. One of the royal messenger’s bodyguards steps in front of me, using his shield to knock the bandit off his feet. Then the soldier pulls his right arm back, a sharpened sword in his hand aimed for his opponent, and I avert my eyes. I hear the bandit scream and then go quiet—his mixed wooden and fur armor must have done nothing to stop the soldier’s sword.

“Estelle!” Cooper exclaims from behind me. “Are you okay?”

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