Ariadna’s Star: Post 15

I flinch as a black-vaned bolt zips past my head, so close I feel the wind off it as it passes by. It hits Astralux, however, and digs between two of her gleaming white plate scales on the back of her neck. She growls as a trickle of bright, glittering blood runs down her neck, and I clamp a hand to the back of my neck, sharing in her pain through our bond. The dragon still has a bolt sticking out of the back of her right leg, somehow still running through the pain, crashing through the forest.

Behind, the sunlight glints off the light bronze scales of Pesokvglazu as he grins with long, sharp teeth, snaking his way between the trees in pursuit. On his back, Vladykar Lochan is calmly loading his crossbow with another black-vaned bolt, his gaze locked on us. Continue reading Ariadna’s Star: Post 15

Ariadna’s Star: Post 13

After maybe half an hour of walking, the tribal men in animal skins holding my arms stop. I peer around, seeing only more trees. But I can smell something—people, I realize—and there are more of them nearby. I look back to see that the rest of the men are slowly dragging Astralux along by ropes tied to her front legs. The beautiful dragon is still fast asleep from whatever strange paste they had spread on her and tipped their arrows with. I can feel the slight pain through our shared bonds of her wounds, but it isn’t enough to wake her. Continue reading Ariadna’s Star: Post 13