Ariadna’s Star: Post 10

—A bright, beautiful light explodes in front of Astralux across the stream’s water before us.

I stare, utterly astounded, before sliding down Astralux’s back. I try to use the back of her front right leg, like she showed me, to climb down, but I miss and fall to the grassy ground below. “Oomph!”

“Estelle?!” Astralux asks, her tone worried. Continue reading Ariadna’s Star: Post 10

Ariadna’s Star: Post 8

It’s getting harder and harder to see as we fall, the faintest light glinting off Astralux’s iridescent white scales, when at last I spot the bottom of the hole. Astralux uses her wings to coast at the end of our drop, and both of us cringe at the pain and cramping this causes her right wing. At last, she lands amongst the stones at the bottom. Finding her footing, Astralux crawls into a dark space, revealing a small cave within the maze of caves we’re already. No doubt this will hide us if Vladykar Lochan or Pesokvglazu look down the hole. If they could even see this far. Continue reading Ariadna’s Star: Post 8

Ariadna’s Star: Post 7

My entrancement with my improved night-vision dissipates when Astralux suddenly banks to the left to avoid a screeching blast of sand that pelts through the air. Pesokvglazu and Vladykar Lochan aren’t far behind. But at least this time, they don’t seem to be gaining on us. Or at least, not as quickly.

“I wish I had a saddle,” Astralux pants. “Holding you like this slows me down.”

I curl my arms around her pale blue-shimmering-tipped claws holding me, to help secure myself to her. Astralux’s brilliant white wings beat heavier as she climbs in the air. I look back in time to see Pesokvglazu inhaling.

“He’s…he’s…!” I still can’t get my words out.

Sand blasts out from Pesokvglazu’s mouth again, aimed at Astralux’s head. Continue reading Ariadna’s Star: Post 7